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Baltimore MD housing runs the spectrum of affordability and luxury. While the city is not generally thought of as an affluent area, it does have high-income segments to it. This is particularly true of any neighborhood that serves as home to highly paid Washington leaders and executives, be they government employees, lobbyists, or the like. Washington’s housing options are so limited that numerous members of Congress actually live and sleep in their offices. For many others, the commute to Baltimore is worth it just to find more housing options, especially if they want something nice.

The middle class of Baltimore certainly finds places to live, be it apartments or detached homes. Many ‘starter’ homes are on the market, and there is a somewhat steady influx of ‘forever’ homes or dream homes that might be built from scratch or to custom order. This particular market segment is not as robust as it might be in other cities though, especially with many fleeing to the suburbs or even rural Maryland countryside.

The poor and working class constitute a lot of Baltimore neighborhoods, hence their housing as well. A lot of communities in the city have apartments and homes that might not prove enticing to folks from other cities, and yet, the affordability of them appeals to many. The city is known to be a dangerous place with a high murder rate, and that actually discourages quite a few from coming to town. Interestingly, that keeps some demand for housing down.

Having said all this, if you’re looking for housing in Baltimore, Maryland, then you can definitely find something. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, you can find homes and apartments both with a wide variety of prices and amenities that you can enjoy while you live there.

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