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Maryland’s General Assembly approved $11.7 million in funding for 37 projects across Baltimore City.

Lawmakers last week put the finishing touches on a $1.09 billion bond bill. Within the capital budget, lawmakers are providing millions of dollars in state grants for projects across the state. In Baltimore, the city’s state delegation requested more than $17 million for 56 projects spread across the city.

Baltimore is receiving 67 percent of the requested funding. Some projects — like a regional employment center being built by Casa de Maryland — are receiving more money than they requested. Others are receiving less than they asked for, like the redevelopment of Hollins Market.

Developer Scott Plank’s War Horse Cities Community Development Corp. sought $2 million for redevelopment of Hollins Market but is receiving $250,000.

There are 20 projects not receiving any money at all despite requests. The General Assembly is also providing funding for two projects where a bill was not submitted by a lawmaker.

The biggest allotment — $2 million — is being given to MLR Partners and MCB Real Estate for the "Northwood Commons Project." There, the firms are redeveloping the Northwood Plaza shopping center across from Morgan State University. The project is one of the two where a request was not originally made. The other one was the Maryland Science Center, which is receiving $890,000.

View the map below to see all of the projects that did and did not receive state funding in this year’s budget.

Some of the other large grants include:

$1 million to the Bon Secours of Maryland Foundation Inc. for a youth development center.$1 million to the Port Discovery Children’s Museum, up from the $250,000 it requested. $1 million to the LLC formed by developer Cross Street Partners for renovation of the Hoen Lithograph Building. Cross Street Partners began a $22 million redevelopment of the building last year.$750,000 to Casa de Maryland for the conversion of a historic theater into 16,000-square-foot regional education and employment center at 2706 Pulaski Highway. Casa de Maryland had requested $250,000.

The Hoen Lithograph building at 2101 E. Biddle St. is being redeveloped by Cross Street Partners.

Here are some of the projects that did not end up receiving any money.

The Matthew Henson Community Development Corp. requested $635,000 for a new sports field and complex at the Carver Vocational Technical High School in West Baltimore.Positive Youth Expressions Inc. wanted $500,000 for the development of a new community center at 1004 Ashbuton St. in West Baltimore.The St. Francis Neighborhood Center requested $500,000 to renovate and expand its facility at 2405 Linden Ave. in Reservoir Hill.Unified Efforts Inc. sought $500,000 for an out-of-school time/after-school facility at 2517-21 Woodbrook Ave. in the Penn-North neighborhood in West Baltimore.

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